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Israel's innovation Industry

Israel has one of the world's leading centers of mobility innovation with approximately 580 companies (both start-up and established companies)[1] in the various transport sectors (such as Mobileye, Gett, Waze, Via, Argus).

These companies raised more than $20 billion over the past four years[2].

International vehicle giants (such as GM, Daimler, Renault, Nissan, Ford, and Hyundai), employ representatives  and some even have R&D centers in Israel, which cause them to visit frequently in the country.

smart mobility in Israel

The Gap

There is a significant gap in the implementation of the technologies mentioned above among the Israeli transportation trade.

In order for Israel to become a true global leader in the smart mobility revolution and bridge this gap, it's essential to promote the assimilation and implementation of mobility technologies in public services, infrastructure, regulation and the Israeli mobility trade as a whole.

Causes of the Gap:

  • Deteriorated state of infrastructure - can take up to a generation to solve.

  • A need for an advances regulatory environment.

  • Extensive  activity of Israeli technological developments abroad.


These few causes demonstrate the clear need for a systemic approach that will enable implementation of innovation in the   mobility field in Israel in order to bridge the gap, which has not been initiated yet.

The Effects of bridging the Gap

The Israeli mobility sector has a major impact on economic growth, productivity, quality of life and employment.

A concerted, long-term coordinated action by governmental and non-governmental bodies will  make a change that will turn Israel into a global leader in the smart mobility revolution.




[1] Roland Berger, Israel automotive and Smart Mobility Industry

[2] According to EcoMotion, a smart transportation community, the clean-up of the Intel-Mobileye deal is worth $5.1 billion

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