Transforming Israel into a global leader in executing the mobility revolution
We are a non-profit NGO that seeks to place Israel as a world leader in implementation of Smart Mobility and a knowledge center for the smart mobility revolution.
We operate to correlate between the public and the private sector  in order to solve the congestion issue in the close future.
Solving the increasing congestion will resolve in higher productivity, accessibility, quality of life and decreasing car-accidents and air pollution.

Our Goals

Concentrated and coordinated actions between the government and public sector with commercial companies will turn Israel into a global leader in the smart mobility revolution.


global changes

In recent years, significant events and changes occured in the automotive and mobility industries world-wide:







Those created a need for a rapid change in the mobility industry and generated opportunities for new technological players into the sector. This created the vision of  the new mobility industry - autonomous, connected, electric, secured and shared mobility options.


Our activity aims to take advantage of mobility revolution to change the transportation status in Israel in a way that will benefit the general public on environmental, social, economic and health measures.

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